If you want to create your own website, you are the the right place to find out how. Creating your first website should take a while, because you need to learn some basic things about different web site technologies.
Domain Name
First, you will need to register a domain name at a domain registrar company. The domain name is that you type in your web browser search bar to access a website. For example: www.webhostingtop.org, this is our domain name. You will not able to take this one, because it is registered by us, but you can search for other cool domain on name.com
Web Hosting
After you register your first domain name, you will need to host it on a web server. You can use a free web hosting or if you have a budget to purchase a paid web hosting, than you can choose from our top web hosting list.
Note: usually with paid hosting service, you can obtain a FREE domain name and you don't need to register it elsewhere. During the registration you will be able to choose your favorite domain.
Create web pages

After you get all these, you are ready to create your website. You can create a website using a site builder that is usually provided for FREE by our top rated hosting companies. The Site builder it's an easy to use drag and drop based tool. You can create a professional website in less than few hours without knowing any HTML, CSS or PHP coding language.
Other option to build a website is to use a CMS or a Blog script. These software are also available in most of the hosting packages for FREE. The most popular scripts are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. With these powerful frameworks you will be able to build a professional website.
The advantage of using a CMS or Blog
The advantage of using these scripts is that you will be able to add, update and manage your content (text, images, videos, files) very easy. You can also use ready made plugins to create a photo gallery or an image slideshow. You can add very easy a contact form or install a forum to your website. Using a content management system (CMS) or a blog, could be a big time saver for you.
How easy is to use a CMS or Blog?
If you are familiar with any text editor like MS Office, OpenOffice or any other, and you can create an account at yahoo or google, than you will have no problem in using and managing this type of websites.